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30 days returns
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Length inclusive pants for women 5’1 to 6’1 👖


+ How long time do I have to return?

You have 30 days to return your order from the day that you have received it. 


+ How do I know if my return has arrived?

Keep in mind that it can take up to 14 working days (from the day the return arrives in our warehouse) to get your return processed. As soon as it is processed, you will receive an email. In the meantime you can track your return using the tracking ID you receive at the postal agent’s. 

+ Does it cost to do a return?

We don't charge any additional costs for return. Your return cost will depend on the country you send from and the shipping method you are choosing.

+ How do I make a return?

Follow these steps:

  1. Fill in the return slip that we sent with your order.
  2. Pack your goods together with the return slip. Preferably use the same bag in which we sent your goods, do not use a bigger bag or box as this is subject to an upcharge. 
  3. Stick on the shipping label that you have purchased. 
  4. Leave with a postal agent.

+ How do I make an exchange?

In case of exchange, the return shipping is free.

  1. Place a new order.
  2. Fill in the return slip that we sent with your order.
  3. Write your new order number on the return slip and send it back with the goods you wish to return. This way, you receive a free return.
  4. When we receive your return, your invoices will be adjusted.

+ I have no return slip or return label left. 

Please contact our customer service to get a new return slip.

+ My item is faulty, I want to make a complaint.

  • In case you have received a faulty item, please contact our customer service with your order number and a picture of what is wrong.
  • If you have received the wrong article/wrong size, please contact our customer service with your order number.