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Length inclusive pants for women 5’1 to 6’1 👖


How to measure you inseam


Grab a pair of pants that you already own and like the length of.
Fold them down the middle and lay them flat on the floor.


Measure the inner leg length by putting the start of the measuring tape at the crotch, where the leg starts.


Measure all along the inseam of the pant leg to the bottom of the leg.


Take note of the measurement - this is your inseam. Now compare it to the size guide of the pants you’re looking to buy.

Tips and tricks

All our pants have individual size guides.

Make sure to look at the right one.

In-between lengths? We recommend

picking the longer one.

Want a cropped look? Measure a pair of

cropped pants that you own, and use that

measurement to compare with our guide.

Still not sure of which length to get?

Our customer service team will be

happy to help.